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Monday, April 30, 2018

Paint prep (F-102, Eurofighter, Hawk T1, Komet)

Now that I am getting more mobile post-surgery, things are picking up in the never-ending construction and paint queue in the 72 Land production line.

Today’s construction work was mostly oriented toward getting ready for the next paint session. There was a great deal of masking to be done. On the Meng F-102, both the nose (Black) and the metal areas of the tail (Aluminum) were masked off.

On the latest Hawk T1, which is overall Black, the wheel wells were all masked to protect the White wells.

On the Italian Eurofighter special scheme, the spine and vertical tail needed Black as well.

But Black wasn’t the only color to be prepared. The Daimler armored car will get an overall coat of Middle Stone, and the captured Me-163B needed its wings and vertical tail painted RAF Dark Green.

As you can see, I've started stripping the Delta of its primer and Alclad. But there is still a ways to go before it will be ready to reshoot the White Aluminum. 

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