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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Paint session (tires, Eurofighter cockpits, Ms-406)

Amidst the events of this week I was able to spend a few minutes in the garage getting a small paint session completed. Mostly this was just routine smaller items, such as tires for the Tilly truck, the Mc-205 and the Arma Hurricane. But I did get a matte topcoat on the Mc-200, which means it is complete and ready for its writeup.

Also, I found myself with two Eurofighter specials on the boil, and needed to get all the cockpits and interiors painted Dark Admiralty Grey. There are still other Eurofighters in queue (the last two Italian specials from the recent Italeri boxing and the German Ghost Tiger) but they will be waiting until these two are at least mostly completed.

The other color was Dunkelbraun, which I used as the dark brown in French camo schemes. This was applied to the Hasegawa Ms-406. Some seems to have gone on a bit rough (insufficient thinning?) and will need to be evaluated after curing to see if it needs a buff-and-reshoot job.

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