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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Content delay

Things have been pretty quiet around here for a few days, and are likely to be so for another few. My wife had her (second) foot surgery on Monday due to the tendon rupturing after the October (first) surgery. Much more complicated this time, much more pain. She basically can't get out of bed for the next 2 weeks, so this comes under the "and then life happened" rules. 

I haven't been out in the garage for a painting session in a while, though I do have a healthy queue lined up when the opportunity presents itself. One completion imminent (Mc-200) and one coming shortly (Tilly truck). A bit of detail painting and construction going on as well, though at a much reduced rate. 

Plus of course the IPMS Seattle Spring Show is coming up in Renton WA on 4-13. I will be acting as a vendor this year, putting some "surplus to requirements" kits up for sale and hopefully gaining a bit of space in the garage. The main prep is to price all of the kits/books/decals and get them packed for transport to the show. 

Here is a link to the show page:  Of course I'd like to invite you to the show if you are within driving distance. It tends to be a large show and always worth a day out. And bring some money!

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