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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Not below ground yet

Rumors of my death have been at least 20% exaggerated. I'm still dealing with some ongoing health issues, some of which just don't want to go away. To add to this, my computer had a hardware failure and forced me to buy a new tower. So most of my spare time has gone toward rebuilding expense history from the time of my last thumb drive backup (late May, unfortunately). Note to self: weekly backups from now on even if it takes a while. 

I do have an entire paint session ready to go, but haven't summoned up the energy to actually take care of that. Plus it is summer, not the best month for houses with no A/C. 

I may use a strategy I put forward in 2017 when I was caught in another catastrophic loss of mojo: finish a few pieces of ordnance or a small vehicle or two to allow myself to get some low-hanging wins and try to back into the hobby that way. 

In any case I haven't given up on the blog, I'm just trying to get myself into the frame of mind to continue producing content. So, to coin a phrase: 

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