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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Warpaint A-4 Skyhawk

Just because I haven’t been doing much construction or painting in the last 4 months, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been buying the occasional items. Big surprise. Since I haven’t been moving much in the way of models, most of my current spending is catching up on book series such as the spaces that I have in the Warpaint series collection.

Interestingly, when I owned The Supply Depot, we were (I believe) the first American retailer to import the early Warpaint books. They were pretty successful for the company, and I always regretted when other American retailers started bringing them in.

Out of roughly 120 titles, I believe I have about 95 and am gradually filling in the holes, mostly on the later titles. The latest one I picked up is #121 on the A-4 Skyhawk. The A-4 seems to be a popular type these days, given recent Modellers Datafile and Ginter Publishing releases.

This book is massive as Warpaint volumes go. It is 140 pages and perfect bound (most are just magazine style, though with heavier paper stock) and is roughly 1/4” thick.

Unlike some Warpaint books, the emphasis here is on the engineering of the variant series. That series’ strength, color sideviews of representative paint schemes, is rather lacking in this one. But for those who want as many photos as possible, this is dead on. You could probably do a book this size with sideviews alone, but the 10 pages at least have some interesting schemes.

Definitely recommended for A-4 fans, possibly for the engineers but with the occasional nod to the artist type. 

BTW, western Washington is currently hosting a huge lightning/thunder storm. Nearly constant, with the occasional burst of extreme downpour. Almost like a midwest version. It sounds like the summer is winding down (which is ok by me; I'm not the high-summer type). Does cooler temp mean a return to active modelling. The Magic 8-Ball says "signs are favorable"...

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