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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A quick paint session

Despite a back-breaking couple of hours of lawn mowing today (our yard is not level and the evil blackberry bushes are constantly gathering on the outskirts and chuckling darkly whenever I come by) I did sneak in a quick airbrush session in the early evening.

Just a workmanlike series of three colors. First a surface coat of RLM70 on the upper surfaces of the Horten Ho-7 from Planet. It evened out the final surface pretty well, so I can now move on to some detail painting (wheels and props) and decaling.

Then the Black undersides of the Valom Bristol Brigand. It went on exceptionally well, so I was waiting for some sort of surprise disaster. Maybe when I unmask it. I have to say that I wasn’t sure about the choice of tiny recessed rivets all over the Brigand, but with a coat of paint on it it actually looks rather nice. Given the somewhat sour reputation Valom has gotten in the IMC with fit and engineering, I have been impressed with this kit so far. It’s got me looking with interest at their Albemarle, and bodes well for the upcoming Bombay.

Finally, I shot a first Dark Green upper surface coat on the Meteor NF11. It actually looked pretty nice when I was done, too, so it appears that I got the mixing ratio correct for this session at least.

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