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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Still stalled

When I noted that model production here in 72 Land had stalled, I didn’t realize how true that was going to be. I don’t think I’ve had the airbrush lit up since July. A combination of heat and other distractions, compounded by a strange period of high-intensity job interviews (none of which has yet produced a result) and then capped by a nasty cold that I still haven’t completely shaken have kept me away from the model room. There has been a bit of construction going on, but not much. I was able to finish major construction on the navalized P-51 because I started with a partially completed kit that already had its interior painted.

But the P-72 (European USAF service F4U1) still sits awaiting its interior paint. That is also the case with the He-162, Ar-234, P-47N, FJ-4, USAF Go-229, and Halifax. Clearly I need to overcome the airbrush inertia and get some painting done. But with another heat wave on its way (yeah, yeah, I know. I spoke to a fellow in Dallas this week who laughed uproariously when I described 87 as “hot”) I may not get back to it until next week. Unless I have a serious burst of fall activity, my unstated goal of 52 completed models in 2012 is in jeopardy.

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