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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The P-47 collection

Since I was delving into one of the storage boxes in order to put the three finished P-47s with their brethren, I decided that a family photo was in order. So here it is, 24 of Republic's finest all lined up and facing a somewhat more anemic Bf-109 group. OK, so I'm not a typical modeller; just 7 or 8 Bf-109s...

Extra points for finding the P-35 and XP-47H that are in among the P-47 horde. 


  1. Lovely stuff! You should do a complete squadron someday.

  2. Thanks gents. I've only got 3 P-47 kits remaining in the stash so I guess it's time to replenish! Got to find a cheap source for the Tamiya kits though; I do love that one.