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Friday, February 8, 2013

New kits for 2013

I haven’t spent much time in the modelling dungeon over the last couple of weeks. Just enough to stay connected to the hobby, and some of that time was in examining the announced new kits for 2013. Like everyone else, I have my favorites.

Pride of plane will probably go to Italeri’s Short Stirling. True, I’ve already built the Airfix version, but it was not a very pleasant experience given all those rivets to sand off. It will be nice to have a modern version of the type. Honestly, I thought that Airfix would likely be the only one to invest in a new Stirling, given their programme of redoing elderly kits in their catalog.

As always, I find lots to like in the list of Airfix new toolings: the fabric-winged Hurricane, Vampire T11, Gladiator, and of course the Lightning F2 (though where are the two seat trainers?) The Lanc would be more interesting if I didn’t have the Hasegawa kit already, though I will probably spring for the B2 radial variant.

But I have to give props to AModel too. I’ll be in line early to get ahold of a Beech Starship, a truly unique shape in the sky. I’d like to snatch up an XB-60 to sit next to my B-36, but I doubt that will be possible until my income returns to normal. And the Spruce Goose will be one place in line ahead of it anyway.

In releases with less personal excitement involved, I do have some interest in the Hobbyboss MC-200, the new tool Hasegawa V-22 Osprey, and the Revell Gripen if it really is a new mold.

One great thing is that we surely don’t know of every release which will come out in calendar 2013 yet, since many of the smaller manufacturers hold off their announcements until the models are almost ready. Plus we haven’t heard from DML or seen the definitive list from the various Czech outfits. There are likely to be more surprises before we pop the champagne on New Years Eve 2014.

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