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Monday, February 25, 2013

Three new Hawks

The first series project of 2013 is actually a holdover from last year. I bought all three of the kits in probably late summer, but just couldn’t seem to get started on them. And it is not like they are kits I am unfamiliar with; these are the Airfix BAe Hawks, something I’ve built 15+ of. But the interesting thing with this group, besides the markings, is the fact that I’ll be using all three of Airfix’s recent version of the Hawk. This would be the Hawk T2, the Hawk T1 of recent vintage (AX2005) and the somewhat revised version (AX2005A). What are the differences? Mostly that the wing on the revised kit has the fences already in place, and the exhaust tube is considerably thinner. Some will tell you that the panel lines are rather more delicate too. We’ll see when the three are completed.

The T2 will have the special markings on Xtradecal X72156 (the sheet which has already been used for a Eurofighter special scheme). One of the T1s will have the Bomber Command markings from that decal sheet as well, though I am making some personal amendments to it. Although on the actual aircraft, only the upper spine is painted in Dark Green/Dark Earth, with all wings and tail surfaces being Black. Personally I think the plane will look better with upper wings and horizontal tail in the DG/DE colors as well. So technically, the model that I produce will be a whif, but that is fine with me.

I’m not sure what markings the other Hawk T1 will eventually get, but I have a half dozen sheets with potential choices. Anything that is in a special scheme or at least with squadron bars will be eligible. 


  1. Did you notice that the Red Arrows kit is a different tool from the T.1A. So odd that they retooled it again.

  2. Yes, I did note the differences in the first paragraph. The interesting thing to me is that they didn't make any attempt to publicize the mods. Not even letting the IMC hear anything. Sure, part of their market is beginners buying Red Arrow kits at an airshow, and they likely wouldn't care, but apparently we lifers only found out that mods were made after the second kit (the revised kit has an "A" on the end of the product code) was released. Still, those wing fences were always a bother, so I approve of the changes!