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Friday, March 1, 2013

A group of Soviet trainers

And just in case a group of relatively unknown Polish civil types in short-run plastic doesn't sound sufficiently unnerving, how about the last new series: Advanced Russian jet trainers!

Part of this is because I had fairly good luck with the AModel Voyager. Even though there is a good tablespoon of filler under the paint of that model, the combination of unusual shape and survivable engineering meant that I counted it a success – as successes here in 72 Land go. So why not check out some other AModel choices and see what could be done?

I don’t have any of the AMonster giants, and I wasn't really looking for a fiberglass-body level challenge in this case. I’m sure that even an all plastic kit will turn more of my hair grey as it is. But I found two Russian prototypes: the Mig-AT and Yak-130. One is an older mold, the other newer (though not as clean as the Global Flyer). Then, just to add some spice, I found the MSV kit of the Su-28. They'll probably all be displayed with the Trumpeter Karakorum K-8 that I completed in 2012. 

All of the kits are in company demonstrator markings, though I think AModel has also released them in service camo as well. I don’t know if the MSV Su-28 is the same mold as the recently announced Art Model version of that type, but it wouldn't surprise me. The MSV molds are relatively crude, though they do have recessed panel lines. Although I like putting prototypes into their initial company demo markings, that will mean a lot of masking and painting on these three, and I’m still recovering from the work necessary on the raspberry ripple Phantom FG1. Still, as they say, in for a penny…

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