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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Routine paint session

Now that things are approaching what passes for normal here in the soggy wastes of 72 Land, I actually spent some time in the garage this week putting some mileage on the airbrush.

Not much to tell from the session, really. It was a workmanlike effort with no major hair-tearing disasters. The red tends to take a day or more to cure completely, so I won’t be putting the White coat on the Global Flyer for a little while.

The Dark Admiralty Grey used on the three Hawks and the Sea Vixen is matte, so I should be able to do the detail painting on their interiors as soon as I have a free couple of hours. Expect some construction as soon as the cockpits are sorted out.

After last week’s debacle with the laptop, I was distressed to find my BluRay player also decided to go to the happy hunting grounds this week, as I was trying to watch “Skyfall”. Electronics seem to have something against me this month. Thankfully I don’t wear a pacemaker. 

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