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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cockpits and construction

Now that I am finally able to turn from questions of technology and finance, it’s back to some good old fashioned modeling. And that, in my case, usually means queuing up for time in the paint shed.

I have no less than 6 models waiting for paint, but only two colors. Both the Global Flyer and the Phantom FG1 need PO Red (Flyer on the vertical tail surfaces, Phantom to patch some overspray on the tail). Dark Admiralty Grey will color the cockpits of 3 BAe Hawks and a Sea Vixen. I likely will use it, as an approximate dark gray, for the B-57 I rescued from the stalled box this week.

Here is a shot of the built Global Flyer. Since it was sponsored by Richard Branson and Virgin, it will have more than just the overall White of that earlier aircraft. There will be some red and dark blue-violet in there as well. You can also see the various Hawk bits on the tray also.

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