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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Prepping the SM-82 for more paint

Very often, when I manage to make some time for modelling activities, if I am not airbrushing, I am doing some things to prepare for an airbrush session. That is where most of today's work falls.
The primary actions revolved around getting the Italeri SM-82 ready for paint. I have already gotten the undersides painted, so this meant I had to get the fuselage/wing masking done, and add all the little bits that need to be there prior to the paint job. I have to say that the SM-82 has gone together pretty well so far. Just a bit of putty to hide a couple of seams. There is a lot of good detail both inside and out. I've heard some grumbling about the Sunderland - haven't seen one in person myself - but based on this kit, I have high expectations for the Stirling. Assuming that it hasn't been derailed, of course.

I've already mentioned that the Luftwaffe P-47 is just waiting for a paint session. But since I will have a paint cup full of Italian Green, I want to get the Ambrosini SAI-7 (RS Models) ready as well, since it requires the same green. Most of the construction is complete, so only the canopy masking remained. Not having an Eduard set, this meant manual cutting, but most of the panels are rectangular, so it went fairly smoothly.

And of course I continue to work on the Hasegawa B-26. It is still waiting for some more masking, the addition of some dangly bits, and a serious session of surface prep in anticipation of a natural metal finish, via Alclad. 

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