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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Stukas are multiplying

There are dangers to having a stash that is large enough that the contents verge on the unknowable.

I was just finishing up the construction phase of the Fujimi Ju-87B Stuka when the time came to mask the canopy. I thought I had an Eduard set somewhere in the stash, so I set about searching for it. This entailed not only going through some of my workbench, but the downstairs library room and the stash shelves as well. I ran across a Testors boxing of the Fujimi kit from long ago (maybe the early 90s?) Knowing that there might be items other than the kit in there, I opened it up and was surprised to find an mostly built Ju-87G.

I'm not at all sure when I built this, or why I put it back in the box. It wasn't that I found the freehand masking job to be intimidating, because there were two masking sets in the box as well. Unfortunately, they were the old dark grey vinyl versions, not the current yellow tape versions, but beggars, as they say, cannot be choosers.

So, with a bit of free time, I finished the construction, including those gigantic tankbusting cannons under the wings. I also have the canopy masked for the desert snake, though I haven't found the time to finish the G yet.

Quite a turnaround. From having only a bad old Ju-87 in the display case, I will apparently be able to replace it with two before long, including one with an attractive set of markings. Not a bad way to begin the early part of 2014.

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