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Monday, February 4, 2019


We received something of a surprise last night. Not that snow wasn't predicted, but they were originally talking maybe an inch or a tiny bit more. We ended up with around 4". Not a huge shock, it being February in the Northern Hemisphere, but it has been a relatively warm and wet winter so far. Not last night. 

Both cats are indoor cats, so they don't really get to partake. We'll take Kirby, our young black pug, out to see what he thinks of it later this afternoon. Tug, the senior dog, is likely not to want to be bothered by something as inconvenient as snowfall. In the meantime, Bean, our junior cat, is spending her time perched near the (outdoor) hummingbird feeder and leaps in the air whenever a hummingbird appears. For a while this rather startled the hummingbirds, but they seem to have figured out that there is a piece of glass between them and the cat, and it is more important to get some nutrients than to worry about a cat who can't get to them. 

Snow, even at this relatively low quantity, tends to shut down most non-essential services here in the Seattle area. Both Sue's and Shannon's work are closed today. We haven't lost power since they moved our power lines underground. And we didn't get the shock we got in 2018, when our heater chose the first day of real snow to fail completely. To the tune of $3k. Yowtch. But we had to put up with three weeks of no heater in February while we sorted out the replacement and its financing. 

It looks like it may be hanging around for a couple of days too, given that temps will be in the 20s F overnight. Even the daytime temps are below freezing for a couple of days. About Friday is supposed to be when it all lets up. Thankfully we aren't dealing with the arctic vortex that has been plaguing the midwest and eastern US earlier this month. I don't know what this city would do if the temps plunged to -65 F, even in the middle of the night! 

Here are a couple of photos of the view from the front and rear of the house during Snowfall 2019. Regular modelling content will be resumed shortly. 

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