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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Revell Eurofighter FGR4 (BofB 75th anniversary)

Long-time readers will know of my fondness for the RAF, especially current RAF/RN aircraft in commemorative colors. It seemed for a while that all we were going to get in the way of Eurofighter markings was squadron bars (which does, in itself, make a nice little subcollection). But a few years back there appeared a green-tailed aircraft from RAF 3 Squadron, and the rush has been on ever since.

Xtradecal has been very supportive of these special schemes. I believe I have every one that has been published in 1:72, and I'm waiting for 72-233, this year's version. 72-156 holds that 3 Squadron example, 72-216 has 6 and 29 Squadron, and 72-230 has the Battle of Britain commemorate and an 11 Squadron version, along with the red-tailed 29 (which I will be putting on the Hasegawa Eurofighter that I am painting now). And with 72-233 we will get the 41 Squadron anniversary example.

Today's completion is the Battle of Britain commemorative paint scheme. It is always interesting to see modern combat aircraft in WW2 paint schemes.  I believe it is taken from a Hurricane. I have built a number of Revell Eurofighters so there were no real surprises in the construction process, except that the molds seem to be showing some deterioration. Parts don't fit very well, there is excess flash, and there is just a general clunkiness that was not evident in the first few years of this kit's release. I've been spoiled by building a Hasegawa Eurofighter and will struggle to go back to Revell kits. Of course there is still the price difference.

Once I get the garage sorted, I'll be pulling out some finished models for group photos (Eurofighters, Hawks, Tornados, Hurricanes, A-4s etc).

This is completed aircraft #458 (#25 for the year), finished in March of 2016.

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