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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A setback

Unfortunately I have to report a minor setback in the recovery of the king of 72 Land. Last Saturday night, around 4.30am, I had to make a late night bathroom stop. I was feeling pretty lightheaded anyway, and as I was returning to bed - or trying to - I passed out and landed on the floor next to the tub. My wife, understandably, freaked, and apparently I was out for a couple of minutes. I have a recollection of going down at a high rate of speed, but then nothing until I started to come out of it. Lots of dry heaving and sweating later (hope no one googles that phrase and ends up here by mistake), I was pretty much back to normal. I decided not to make an ER visit unless things developed badly from there. Pretty scary stuff.

So the main question was whether the implanted defibrillator fired. If it did, that would mean there was a fatal arrhythmia going on. If not, there was some other explanation.

Won't bore you with the details, but the device did not fire. It appears that this was a manifestation of the low blood pressure readings I've been getting in the last couple of weeks. A visit to the cardiologist and they're in the process of adjusting my BP meds. Hopefully this is a one-time experience.

I haven't been at the workbench too much in the last week. I did get a chance to mask the Hasegawa Eurofighter. Next up at the masking station is an RAF B-17.

Tug, the secret power behind the throne here, was not too thrilled with the weekend's excitement. 

Hopefully we will be back to our regular 72Land programming shortly. 


  1. I'd argue that is a pretty excited pug...his eyes are open!

  2. Tug is actually a relatively active pug. He was dubbed "the world's fittest pug" by a vet since he is not a lardo (unlike his owner). Not one of those crazy ones you see on YouTube dashing about like they are on meth, but he doesn't ALWAYS sleep 20 hours a day...