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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Garage configuration plans (inc Bv-222, Blenheim, Tornado)

We got through another of those spring heat waves here and things have at least temporarily got back to normal. I am still running far behind on getting the finished models photographed and posted on this blog, and another new project has been taking up some of my time as well.

I am going to completely reconfigure the space in the lower story and garage of the house, which has just sort of grown up like an unweeded field in the 25 years we've owned this house. I once had a storage unit that kept most of the boxes, but that went away in one of our economic purges. So I have to find a place to store uncounted storage boxes, comics longboxes, model kit boxes, 3 professional display cases and 6 build-em-yerself displays. Plus the bookshelves in the library have way too many books for the space.

The basic plan is to move all storage (boxes, longboxes, bikes, etc) into the garage. The downstairs room, designated as a daylight basement since the front door is on a level halfway between up and down, will contain all model displays and a few new bookshelves. This will mean a lot of reconfiguration and moving of heavy boxes. My back is already complaining. Moving the display cases makes for a short explanation, but is a rather complex set of moves all its own, involving emptying each case, replacing some of the internal shelves, repainting the non-glass outsides, and just generally moving models around into theme areas (RAF, experimentals, commercial, USAF etc). I hope to have in progress shots as things move along, but it will be an extensive bit of work. I have assigned myself as the lead project manager....

But now back to models. Another airbrushing section produced top matte coats for the Bv-222, Blenheim, an anniversary Tornado GR1, and another Red Arrows Hawk (more a semi-gloss on that one). Once I get the masking removed and the photographs taken, they'll be premiering on the blog (hopefully soon). I also got the fin and canards painted red on an anniversary Eurofighter (29th Squadron RAF I believe).

I've also decided the next few models to enter the construction phase: a German-captured Hurricane, a demo Hawk from Combat Decals sheet 72004, and my whif Eurofighter Red Arrows aerobatic.

Below are some shots from the painting sessions.

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