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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Considering the fall project

It has been a bit difficult to generate much post-vacation modelling mojo. It’s not like I don’t have lots of projects on the go, because I always do. But getting will to power is not altogether easy when the weather is pleasant and you are experiencing the post-travel relaxation period. So what is the cure? A new fall project!

I’ve had this one under consideration for a while now. It does require some display space, and is probably dependent on whether I can set aside enough unallocated cash to buy my fourth commercial glass display case in December as I intend. They aren’t cheap (around $700 for the one I am looking at) and that front fence replacement is still on the schedule too. We’ll see.

Below is a photo of the 5 aircraft I currently own that will likely become a part of the Postwar Heavy Transports project. The fuselages belong to (from the top) the Italeri C-27, Italeri C-130, Roden An-12, Revell C-160, and the Revell A-400M. They will be joined next year by the Kinetic C-17 and the TanModel C-295.

I am still surprised that no one has decided to produce a new-tool C-130. The Italeri kit is from the raised-line era, which borders on the showstopper for me. Luckily these are relatively fine, and I can probably sand them flat without too much work. I’m still deciding whether to do this as a Blue Angels support aircraft or an RAF transport with anniversary markings.

I’ve already begun the A400 cockpit and interior, and will probably start playing with the C-27 within the next couple of weeks. But again, timing is everything, and much depends on when I start getting serious about the new display case. 

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