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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Construction (Hurricanes, P-47)

Much of today’s workbench time was spent on preparing for the next painting session. I had some overspray when I painted the Red tail of the Yak-130 demo, so I needed to mask the new tail off so I can get rid of that prior to masking for the Blue on wings and fuselage. I think I’ve decided on which blue to use, based on AModel’s own recommendation. According to the instruction sheet, they suggest Humbrol Intermediate Blue. I don’t have any Humbrol of that color, but do have a tin of the Xtracolour version. It looks like it will do fine.

Next, since Aluminum is on the list of colors for the next session, I tried to gather up bits from projects that required this color. It is always efficient to group items that need to painted the same. Mostly this is landing gear for the three Hurricanes and the P-47, along with the forward portion of the Eurofighter’s exhaust (not the burner cans).

I’ve also masked the Black anti-glare panel on the Bae Lightning. Finally, I got the canopy masked and installed on the P-47. I still have two more canopy jobs for the Hurricanes and I am out of Eduard precut sets, so these will have to be self-cut. Not that hard on a bubble canopy, but more of a challenge on the Hurricane’s framing.

It wasn’t all masking this time, however, I got the major construction completed on the Airfix Hurricane and will be concentrating on seam cleanup next. Finally, I had to add some exterior bits onto the Hobbyboss Hurricane, which means, once the canopy is masked and attached, it will be ready for the first paint as well.

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