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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Revell BAe Hawk T1 (Red Arrows)

Today I’m introducing a completed model that actually crossed the finish line in May of 2016. It was part of my sub-project of Red Arrows markings. I realized early last year that I had never really explored the options, and since they have produced some variations in the last couple of years (including their 50th anniversary season) I decided that now was the time.

Plus I had just picked up the new tool Revell Hawk. The first question that comes to mind is whether it is a better kit than the Airfix Hawk from a few years back. I would say it is something of a wash. The Revell kit has some options (different tail areas) and detail (dye pipes) that Airfix does not. But Airfix is, I still feel, the kit that goes together the best. The engineering is nice and tight. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t build another Revell, especially since the prices are very similar, but unless I needed the early tail for a particular project, I’d definitely buy the Airfix.

IIRC I used the kit decals, since the (non-50th) recent markings were just what I was looking for. They are a bit matte, but settled down like they were supposed to. There were some masking issues – not uncommon, and thoroughly due to my own sausage fingers – but I think the end result looks good enough to sit with the other Hawks in my display case. Having seen these photos, it looks nice the nose probe needs a minor adustment, so I'll do that shortly. 

This is completed aircraft #464 (#31 for the year pf 2016), finished in May of 2016.

And look what snuck in the front door this afternoon. More on this shortly. 

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