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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Quick paint session (Lanc, DC-3)

I am striving hard to not allow myself to fall back into modelling inactivity, so yesterday I again braved the garage and did some painting.

Given that I still had a number of planes waiting for White paint, that was the color I started with. Having run out of Xtracolour (due to the British Post Office’s embargo on enamel paints) I have been using Model Master Gloss White. It doesn’t thin terribly well, tends to run even if you don’t thin it, and isn't the best covering paint either. But it’s what I’ve got.

The victims this time were an assembled Hasegawa Lancaster (which will eventually be in a white and black scheme) and a DC-3 (the future “Arctic Rose”). The Lanc looks like it will require a buffing session and a second surface coat. Probably the same for the DC-3. Repeat to myself: this is progress.

The second color was ZC green for a P-47 cockpit which will eventually wear the Kit’s World “Eight Nifties” artwork. I thought I might experiment with a couple of new techniques while I’m at it. Try for more realistic internal painting, and maybe even a wash to help highlight what detail is there. Not much can be seen through a closed razorback canopy in any case. I’m not a big fan of putting tons of weathering on the exteriors of aircraft, especially the over-use (in my opinion; YMMV) of oil paint. I’m not trying to replicate a banged up service aircraft. In fact, my personal backstory is that these are all displays in the world’s largest aircraft museum. So they are meant to be fairly clean. Believe me, there is enough latitude to screw things up with what I currently do to airplane kits – I don’t need to add another whole area of potential screw-ups!

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