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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Paint prep (Hurricane, Mc-205, A-4, MS-406, I-16)

As I slowly crawl my way out of the post-spring-show health crisis, I have somewhat forced myself to do a few modelling actions. These mostly qualify as paint prep, though I’m not sure when the paint session itself will take shape.

Much came under masking wheel wells. There were basically three types done: The Arma Hurricane, Italeri Mc-205, and the Blue Angels Fujimi A-4. They will be moved down to the garage to wait for the compressor to fire up.

The other two were masking jobs as well, this time for camo. I’m now ready for the final camo coat (of X115 Field Green) to be applied to the Hasegawa MS-406. And I’m working on masking the upper surfaces on the Hasegawa Polikarpov I-16.

Content production might get a bit erratic this week. I received a note from the main cardiologist on Friday (after close of business in their office) which sounded dire but provided very little information. But until the paint session happens, I have two items to write the completion documentation for. Plus there are new models to add to the construction queue - trying to stay optimistic here. They are all modern Soviet fighters of all things, not my normal area of interest. 

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