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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time to decide

There are a number of strategies that one can use to combat mojo fatigue. But the best, I think, is to embark on a new project, preferably using a kit that is well engineered and helps to assure a competent result. December, though usually a productive month in the 72 Land modelling bunker, was almost silent this year. It was a combination of outside causes, really nothing to do with modelling as such. But I need something to jump-start the process.

Very often I will use a new kit as inspiration. I’m very anxious to acquire the new Airfix Swordfish and the Revell Germany Halifax. The Swordfish has gotten rave reviews, the Halifax less so (some have problems with the shape of the props and engine nacelles), but both are high on my list of kits I would like to start. Unfortunately neither has appeared at the US shops that I buy from (primarily Sprue Bros) so they are not on the table for this exercise at least.

So the new projects will have to come from the stash. This is a worthwhile exercise in itself, culling the inventory for kits that you enjoy making if only to lower the amount of overhead in the garage. I selected five kits for review, based on 1) interest; 2) ongoing project potential; and 3) the buildability quality of the kit itself.

The five (as seen in the photo) are the Airfix Spit 19, two Tamiya P-47s, and the Hasegawa A-3 and F-15. I’ve built many of the P-47s before, so I know that they are perfect for this sort of mojo restoration exercise. I also have a small set of Spitfires in the display cabinet, but a PR variant always allows for some uncommon paint schemes. The F-15 is one of the few modern jets that I have never built, even during my streak of current US fighters from last year (I think the only one that will remain is an F-18). And the A-3 is a naval aircraft that I find interesting for no particular reason – except that it is a huge airplane to be taking off from a carrier deck.

If I were one of those modellers who focus on one kit at a time, I’d have to decide which of these to do. Thankfully, since I allow my Modeller’s ADD full reign at all times, I can dig into all of them and just let them sort themselves out as construction progresses. Remember that I’ve also got probably a dozen projects already on the workbench, including the big Me-262 group I had just started around Thanksgiving. A few of those are fairly far along in the process (B-1, B-47, Vampire, 707) and I can hopefully move them forward in the queue as well.

And I’ll be mixing this in with the construction of another “temporary” display box that will be necessary to move out the 10 or so completed models that are taking up space in the modelling room! So with some old Ozzy concerts on the headphones and a cold Coke on the desk, I’ll start sorting through the cockpit bits on these new kits and see what I can come up with.

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