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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New storage installed

Today I finished the large “temporary” storage box and moved a few items that had been stacking up in the upstairs hobby room into their new garage location. In the process I was able to get photos of two projects (one complete, one ongoing).

First, here is a shot of the new storage box painted and in place. On the one end, you can see the finished types in the V-Bombers group: Vulcan, Victor, and the very secretive Vector (actually an AMT XB-49, but don’t tell anyone).

Next comes the fifth-gen fighter project. Left to right: Sukhoi T-47 Berkut, MiG 1.44, Chengdu J-20, Lockheed-Martin F-22, and Sukhoi T-50.

Then there is the ongoing Eurofighter project. At present I have 4 of the 5 active duty squadrons represented. 6, 3,17 and 29 are finished; 11 yet to come.

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