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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A "Weather Event"

Some of you may have been reading about the Great Snowstorm of 2012 in the Pacific Northwest. Though we are rather more famous for rain, we do get the occasional blast of cold air that manifests itself as a good steady snowstorm. In fact, the first year that we lived here (1985), there was a huge blast of 18" worth that basically shut down the entire city. We were concerned that that was going to be norm, but we have not had such as big snowstorm in the intervening 27 years.

On Monday we got an inch or so, and on Tuesday the temps remained in the 20s and gave us probably 10 to 12" more at our house. I would usually try to use this as proper modelling weather, but given that last year we didn't see so much as a single snowflake, it was just too tempting to go out and play.

Just a couple of photos. First, looking out the back door toward the street (which is on the other side of the fence).
Next, Tank (the French Bulldog) and Tug (the Pug) trying to cope with this new experience. Remember that they have never seen snow in their lives.

I've uploaded about a dozen photos to a Photobucket album if anyone is interested:

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