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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Some quick paint work

Some more time spent in the garage doing some painting today. I needed to get an anti-glare panel on the Sword P-47N painted Olive Drab. The Sword kit has been highly problematic for me. Nothing wants to fit and my fingers seem to have grown to sausage size specifically to break tiny parts on the kit (such as the resin gun insert). It is becoming one of those kits that you just want to see the back of. Too bad, since Sword has been ramping up their new kit production lately. I’m especially interested in their T-28 and two seat Harriers. And of course all those Spitfires.

Two late-war German types also got a lower surface coat of RLM76: the He-162 and the Ar-234. Both of these are old-school DML kits, and lived up to their reputation of having excellent detail (and small parts, thereby tripping the sausage-finger crisis once again) and miserable overall fit. Not as bad as the poster child for that period, the Ta-152, but a fight nevertheless.

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