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Monday, April 8, 2013

Incremental steps

Much of the work being done in the production line this week is small incremental steps that, while not very flashy, will eventually add up to some model completions. In a bit of paintwork, I got the light grey sealant strip painted onto the three BAe Hawk canopies that are currently in process. Which brings up a question: I wonder how many of you actually install the clear piece that is meant to represent the Plexiglas panel between the two cockpits in a Hawk? I generally don’t (though I do represent the sealant strip that is visible externally from the outside of the canopy). I don’t really think the clear piece does a good job of representing what actually sits in the cockpit. Plus it is a very difficult piece to fit correctly and has a high probability of looking bad. Worse in fact than not having anything there at all. And on a closed cockpit, no one really notices it is gone. Plus I’m lazy.

The lower surfaces of the C-46 got their coat of Canadian Voodoo Grey, as recommended by the Draw Decal sheet. The Williams Bros kit is not an easy build – the reason why it spent some time on the Shelf of Shame – and it is another one that will not be the best model in the case, but will hopefully be competent. And, more to the point, it is a model you don’t see completed all that often. Models like that are a significant part of my output. I have also added the C-46’s engine nacelles. Next comes the landing gear.

I have also been prepping for my next paint session. I've been having some issues with the Iwata airbrush lately: all self-inflicted, I suspect, and ultimately due to ineffective cleaning leading to paint buildup in the body of the brush. I have completely broken down the brush after the last two paint sessions, trying to clear out the gunk. It is getting better, but it still doesn't seem to be producing the air and paint that I would expect. We’ll see how it goes next time.

The Hawks are ready to get their wheel wells painted. The Sea Vixen will get a coat of White on the lower surfaces. And the Global Flyer will get its lower tail sections painted in a truly garish color of (believe it or not) Purple. 

Pictured below is the current state of the B-57B and the C-46.

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