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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Still getting some light modelling done

Like the title says, I'm getting a bit of work done despite the fact that I do come home from this temp position pretty bushed. It isn't difficult work, though there are lots of little traditions and nuances in the process that everyone is expected to obey. But it does require some focus, which by the end of the day can tie your upper back in knots and give you a headache of epic dimension. 

But two things are brightening the horizon. Not only have I gotten the decals on to three models in the last few days, but the IPMS Seattle Spring Show is this Saturday. I still will need to get a sealer coat over the decals before I can introduce them on the blog, so that may take a few days to get accomplished. 

The weather for the show this weekend looks good: high 50s to low 60s and mostly sunny. Always glad when we don't have some extreme rain drenching the poor souls trying to get a few models from car to contest without damage. I'll try to have some photos of the 1:72 entries uploaded to Photobucket (with teasers and a link on this blog) by the end of the weekend. 

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