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Sunday, April 14, 2013

More details for the Hawks

Most action in the last few days has centered around the three Hawks. Once the wheel wells and landing gear were shot White, the wells were masked and some fiddly bits (nose pitot and some antennae that seem destined to be broken off) were attached. Now they are ready for the overall Black coat.

And they aren’t the only ones. The B-57B Canberra has its gear wells masked and is waiting for an overall coat of Black. And the Trumpeter Wellington, which has been sitting around patiently for a few weeks, needs its undersides the same color. And the Sea Vixen needs its nose radome to join the queue as well. I hope I have enough black paint!
Construction-wise, the C-46 got its landing gear bits painted and assembled. And the Su-28 has its rather rudimentary cockpit together and is awaiting that gawd-awful turquoise color that the Russians paint their cockpits. 

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