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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update on basically nothing

As the month of May winds down, there is a lot of transition going on around here. My temporary job is officially over, Mrs 72 and daughter will be returning from an out-of-town wedding early next week, and #1 son's car has possibly breathed its last. So I really have no modelling progress to plug into the blog this week. 

I've been selling some items on Ebay, but that is about the best I can do for even tangentially relating it to a modelling subject. The Soviet trainers and Hurricanes still lie in the construction queue, and the Wellington and Sea Vixen are still in the garage waiting for paint (and probably collecting up a dust layer that will need to be removed prior to that). Being away from the workbench has the pernicious effect of giving you time to think of other projects you'd like to start, even when you've got a dozen that are unfinished. 

And since I'm the primary dogkeeper while the others are out of town, I should report that the two mutts (Tug the pug and Tank the French bulldog) are being their usual mischievous selves, but thankfully not causing any damage that I can't reasonably clean up before everyone gets home! 

So stay tuned; your fix of mediocre modelling will be back before you know it! 


  1. have no worries on the 'mediocre modelling' front - I can't even get the lovely new tool Airfix Typhoon to join up properly !

  2. I built the Academy Typhoon when it first came out, so my Typhoonic needs are pretty much met at this point. However, I'm salivating for the fabric wing Hurricane and radial Lancaster. And of course the Lightning F2!