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Friday, May 10, 2013

My sole purchase at the Spring Show

For the unforgivably curious, I must state for the record that I did not buy any models, decals, aftermarket bits, or books at the recent Spring Show. However, that does not mean that the checkbook was idle.

I picked up a small vertical display case that was being sold by the estate of another 1:72 modeller. It is just the right size for fighters in this scale – though it couldn’t handle much larger than a twin-engined aircraft.

So that is what I put in it. Eurofighters, Hawks, Hurricanes, and mostly likely a row of Lightnings (haven’t quite decided about that yet). If I had another one, I could probably fill it up with P-47s alone.

At present the Hawk count stands at 18, with another in the pipeline. I do still have a number of decal options for the type, though I’m running low on special schemes and might have to resort to actual in-service examples. I’m good with that, as long as they at least have squadron bars or a different camo scheme. And of course we are approaching the start of the airshow  season, so there may be some new paint jobs coming along shortly. The decal process has been very fast the last couple of years – sometimes the decal artist even has access to help from the squadron itself.

But here are some shots of my newest modeling related purchase. 

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