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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Airfix BAe Hawk T2

I have displayed large numbers of BAe Hawks on this blog before. Good kits, good decals, and lots of RAF special markings is a huge attraction for me. So today we have another one to join the parade.

As it happens, I have all three of the current Airfix kits in process right now. The recent T1, the slightly revised T1 (in the Red Arrows box), and the T2. The first to be displayed is the most recent set of markings, for the 100th anniversary of RAF 4 Squadron based at RAF Valley in mid 2012. This is, I believe the only active T2 squadron at present. I just completed a T2 in this squadron’s standard markings last May, so I may have as many examples of different T2 markings as the RAF does!

Decals came from Xtradecal 72-156, which has so far been a gold mine for my personal modeling. I’ve already completed the 3 Squadron anniversary Eurofighter, while the Hawk T1 in faux Bomber Command markings is currently getting paint. I also have plans for the 1 Squadron Eurofighter markings as soon as I pick up another Revell kit. And I may very well do one of the Chinooks as well. Not as sure about the Sea Kings, though I never have done anything in Rescue Yellow, so never say never.

This is completed model #428 (#9 for the year), finished in April of 2013.

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