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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Completing some donkey work

Even on a production line as usually busy as the one at 72 Land, not all of the work is glamorous and visual. Most is general donkey work, like masking, attaching landing gear or buffing down a pebbly paint finish. And that has been the sort of thing I've been involved in for the last couple of days.

There has been landing gear to add to both a Hurricane and a Hawk. These are close enough to getting decals that, once I find myself some more satin for the final sealer coats, you should be seeing them displayed on the blog.

Some progress was also made in assembling a P-47 razorback. This is another in my long series of TBolt models, and will be in captured German markings. It is the one whose original nose art was "Beetle". The canopy is complete and major construction is done as well. Canopy masking is next.

The Wellington, B-36, Russian trainers, more Hurricanes, and the Italeri SM-82 are still in process. Also very early in the construction stage are a Ju-87 (desert snake!) and Mangusta helicopter. 

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