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Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Merry Christmas to all!

As the hours wind down, some areas have already made it to Christmas day (it's mid evening here in the great Northwest US). 

I'd like to wish all of the remote subjects of 72 Land a merry Christmas. May your gift boxes be full of the kits, books, decals, and tools of your dreams. 

No snow here at the capital grounds, but it has been getting fairly cold by Northwest standards (down into the low 20s). Certainly cold enough to enjoy some hot chocolate (fortified by your beverage of choice, if desired), and some fine chocolates - if you don't live with a cardiologist at least. 

Merry Christmas!

And for the more sarcastically inclined holiday reveler: 

And I found one that perfectly sums up my pug Tug's attitude about holiday costuming. 

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