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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Construction (Delta, Me-163B, F-102, Eurofighter)

Even amidst the mid-winter heater crisis and my ongoing health issues, there has been some activity on the workbench.

The main effort has been with a dish of warm water (which doesn’t stay warm very long, unfortunately). I have been decaling the latest RAF Eurofighter, using the newest tool Revell kit. Also, I’ve been on a long journey to get the Arctic Rose DC-3 completed. That DC-3, using Thunderbird decals (a reprint of the original Whiskey Jack version) has been something of a trial. The decals are admirably thin, but prone to break when moved from wet sheet to model. I’ve given up on applying any of the green stripe in a section larger than maybe 3”. And I want it to have a chance to snuggle down with setting solution between adding sections. I’ve got about half of the job done. The Eurofighter, using an Xtradecal RAF update, has been easier, but still consists of a lot of very small and very white markings.

But construction has not been ignored. The four kits that entered the construction queue (Italeri Eurofighter, Azur/Frrom Northrop Delta, HobbyBoss Me-163B, and Meng F-102) have progressed through the cockpit phase and have most of the major assembly complete. Next come some seam work and masking of canopies.

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