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Friday, April 20, 2018

Paint (F-102, Hawk, DC-3, Eurofighter, Me-163B)

The paint session went well enough. Our streak with breaking appliances continues – this time it is the garage door opening mechanism – so I had to manually push the thing up to allow for ventilation during the painting. I do wear a respirator, but prefer to have ample fresh air coming in while I’m doing this job.

Pretty much everything I mentioned in the last post got covered. The F-102 got its wheel wells and the inner side of the wheel doors painted. Next comes masking the wells and an overall coat of ADC Gray.

A general Aluminum coat took care of exhausts for DC-3 and the Italian Eurofighter.

The cockpit for the Bae Hawk T1 was painted Admiralty Grey. I also used that for the primer coat on the Ffrom Northrop Delta. Seam work looked good, and I will next paint it overall NMF. I also got the cockpit for the HobbyBoss Me-163B – which will be painted up in captured RAF markings – completed. Next comes masking and attaching the canopy, and eventually putting on the Trainer Yellow undersides.

Overall semi matte coats for another Eurofighter (41 Sqdrn RAF 100th anniversary markings) and the DC-3 (Worldwide Airways “Arctic Rose”) means that these two can now be moved to the completed column. Expect summaries as soon as I can get the photographs taken.

I’ve already gone on to do some construction after this painting session (and of course I do have the two completions that will need to be written up) but the next few days will consist of highlights from the IPMS-Seattle Spring Show on 4-21-2018. I was concerned that the surgery would cause me to miss this year’s version after 23 straight years, but I seem to be doing well enough that I can at least hobble around the display room and get photos of all the 1:72 models.

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