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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Paint prep (F-102, Hawk, Delta, Eurofighter, DC-3)

I am gradually ramping my way up to the next paint session. As you can imagine, the paint queue is backing up out the door at present since I’ve been occupied with other issues the last few weeks. But here are the main items that I have been preparing: F-102 wheel wells and gear doors, lots of silver bits for DC-3 wheels and exhaust, Eurofighter exhausts, and other miscellaneous wheels. I’ve also, on impulse, started another Bae Hawk T1 so I will be painting the cockpit. Finally, I want to put a primer coat on the Northrop Delta so I can see if any more seam prep is required.

It does feel good to actually accomplish something on the production line after all the starts and stops of the last month.

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