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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


No, I’m not practicing my Dwayne Johnson promo imitation; I’ve just finally had my first thoroughly successful airbrushing session in a while.

I haven’t repainted the mottling on the Ju-88 yet, but I was able to completely repair the RLM79 upper surfaces. They do show some evidence of too much paint having been applied (what with the redo) but I think that will be minimized when the RLM80 mottling goes on, followed by decals and matte coat. But, honestly, one mulligan is enough for this model – whatever happens to the mottling this time is going to be the finished product.

Beyond that kit I was able to get the first grey on the Trumpeter J-10. The kit only specifies what I assume are Gunze paint reference codes. And although I did find a nice color chart on the IPMS-Stockholm site, the image provided wasn’t sharp enough to read the FS colors that were in small print next to the color entry. But from what I have gathered, the lighter grey is similar to Barley Grey, which happened to be what I was spraying on the lower surfaces of a Hawk T1 at the same time. Thus I was able to spray two at once, a rare occurrence. The second grey is apparently a blue grey which corresponds to FSx5237, which Xtracolour produces as X126. The upper surfaces of the Hawk in its scheme are Medium Sea Grey (with a black tail).

Lastly, the F-22 got its overall coat of Light Compass/Ghost Grey, Xtracolour X136. It will need some buffing and a surface coat, but I was generally happy with the session.

I was able to get the decals onto the GenDyn F-111E and at least the first few on the black Hawk T1 as well. Those two will need to finish up and get their topcoats, and should feature on the blog in a few days.

After a stretch of inactivity, it was good to actually make some progress. Things are liable to be a bit sporadic over the summer months, as this is traditionally a time when Northwest Modellers emerge from their dungeons, blinking and rubbing their eyes in the sun they probably haven’t directly seen for a few months. The yard, parks, and hiking trails are all calling, and given that I still have a large amount of free time (though I do have one recruiter supposedly arranging an interview for a PM position next week) I intend to answer the call.

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