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Monday, November 12, 2012

Modelling through molasses

This seems to be slowing down into one of those modelling periods that seem to be walking through molasses. I don’t know if it is the change in seasons (Seattle seems to have dropped into actual winter in the last few days, though no snow yet) or SAD, but I am having trouble just getting myself motivated to work in the modelling dungeon. I do realize this is inexcusable, given that I’m like everyone else when I’m working – always complaining of no free time to get some modelling work done. But now that I actually HAVE the time, I’m lacking the drive.

I did try a minor session in the paint shop to break the inertia. Besides the top matte coat on the FJ-4 which featured in the last blog entry, I also painted the anti-glare strip on the Sword P-47N. Once it dries I should be able to mask it off and hope that at least one bottle of Alclad can be made to function on the NMF.

Lastly I put an upper surfaces coat of RLM82 on the tiny He-162. It went on well enough, but I still think it could use with some polishing and a second surface coat.

And of course I am still grinding my way through the cockpits for the Eurofighter, Phantom FG1, Tornado GR4 and Hawk T1. Alas, the decal sheet for three of these, Xtradecal 72-156, was supposed to be available in time for the 2012 Telford show. Although Hannants did get the Malta and T-28 sheets out in time, the RAF anniversary sheet was a no-show. I’m poised to order the sheet as soon as it becomes available, but construction and painting will continue in the meantime.

And as you can see by the photo, the Emhar F3H Demon is getting to the point where it is at least recognizable as an aircraft.

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