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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Starting to look like airplanes

After more than the usual amount of fettling, I’ve managed to get no less than 4 models into a state where they are actually starting to look like airplanes.

You’ve already seen a shot of the F3H Demon. Next up will be a variety of dangly bits, including pylons and undercarriage (including doors). Since everything below is painted White, there is no need for masking on the underside and all parts can be attached prior to painting.

The nose portion is moving along on the Tornado GR4. Cockpit is all together and painted. The next step is to complete the construction of wings and aft fuselage.

The Eurofighter is coming together as well. Fuselage together, nose weight added, wings built and attached. There are still a few things like vents and blade antennae to be taken care of.

The Phantom FG1 has been endowed with an upgrade. Grant Matsuoka, a fellow denizen of the 72nd Aircraft forum, had an extra modified nose and decals that were surplus to requirements. And all the way from Japan, giving me once again models that are more well-travelled than I am. Public thanks to him! Most of the decals are coming from a Modeldecal sheet, but there are some markings that are a bit yellowed, so I will replace them with the Fujimi ones (also provided by Grant). As you can see, the nose is already exchanged but some cleanup remains.

The only one that seems to be dawdling is the Hawk T1. I don’t even have the cockpit in basic form on that one yet. Since my Xtradecal sheet has been shipped, I need to keep the pressure on to be ready when it arrives. It looks like there is a significant amount of canopy masking in my future as well.

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