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Friday, November 30, 2012

4 x P-47s

With so many projects circling around the paint room, construction is limited at present to the three new P-47s. Now that the cockpits are together, major construction came next in line. Getting the wings, fuselage and tail all together and the seams cleaned up. As I remembered, the Academy kits fit pretty well, so seam work was minimized.

The shot below shows all four P-47s that are currently in process. The Sword N has its paint complete and is just waiting for details and decals. The bubbletop just got its canopy masked tonight. The other two (razorbacks) are mostly all together and are waiting for their turn at the canopy masking station.

I do need to get the BAe Hawk T1 in gear as well. I’m committed to a more detailed documentation of the build steps on this one, so I’ll be experimenting with a different lens (a 70-200mm with macro capabilities) in order to get some better close-up photographs. Not that more detailed photos are necessarily a good thing with my models…

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