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Thursday, April 20, 2017

More decals and masking (Hurricanes, Lightning, Hawk)

Most of the bench time this week has been devoted to decalling. I actually have three models in that stage, but all three require sealer coats before they are ready to have the canopy masking stripped and get their photographs taken for the blog.

There are also canopy masking efforts underway, specifically for the civil Hurricane demo aircraft as well as the Yugoslavian Hurricane. Boring work but necessary to progress the model.

But I can’t even put away the masking tape yet, since I’m still doing the leading edges of the Beech Starship. Won’t be much left once I get these silver areas painting – mostly props, wheels, and decals.

Two new models entered the front of the construction queue this week: the EADS Barracuda drone from Avis, and two new bombs for the ordnance series. Plus, having received the Airfix RAF Ground Support set this week, at least one choice from that box (a bomb trolley) has been  started. One of the trucks will be under construction as well.

I received a nice little package of decals and masking sets from Hannants this week. One highlight was a super set from DK Decals for Pacific P-47s. There must be 20 options on the sheet. Along with the other 1:72 P-47 decals I have, I could probably stop everything else and just build Thunderbolts and still wouldn’t finish before I croak. I’ve already completed something like 25 of the beasties, and will get more into production shortly.


  1. crikey, that's a lot of 'works in progress' ! Also preparing for a P-47 blitz - got 7 Academy, Revell, Special Hobby boxes lined up . My area of interest is P-47s in Armee de l'Air service..

  2. I've always got a lot in process. Don't know if that is a limited attention span or just far-ranging interests! I do like to maximize bench time, so having something else to work on while the paint queue builds up or while glue is curing is a good strategy to keep moving.