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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Painting (Hurricanes, P-47, Lightning)

Another weekend painting session, mostly designed to catch up a series of small jobs that are standing in the way of finishing a series of models.

First is some detail work on the German Hurricane. This consisted of painting the outer gear doors RLM76. Somehow, I managed to forget them when I painted the lower surfaces. I suppose I could have just brush painted them, but I really can’t stand the look of brush painting when an airbrush is available. I can get away with it on interior bits, but would prefer not to do it on the exterior. I also needed to paint the prop and spinner RLM80. When all that is cured and final assembly complete, it will be ready for decals. I do need to mask and paint the wheels as well.

Next came the stripes and cowl on a P-47, painted in a dark blue. Since I was already planning to use Oxford Blue for the Hawk demo gear doors I just used that.

I put a coat of Azure Blue on the underside of what will be a Yugoslavian Hurricane. And this time I remembered to paint the landing gear doors as well.

Finally came the nose cone of the Lightning, painted RAF Dark Green.

Another short but successful session on what turned out to be a nice Great Northwest afternoon (a bit cloudy, but you can say that about Washington for 10 months out of the year). About the only thing that burned up some time is the cleaning between colors. 

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