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Monday, April 24, 2017

Paint update (DC-3, Lanc, P-47, Hurricane)

Even though I was hurting after the show on Saturday, I set aside a bit of time to airbrush two colors onto four models. Maybe it is because I tend to find shows inspiring.

In any case, I put an Alclad White Aluminum coat on the Hurricane demo/hack, as well as on the P-47 that will eventually carry the markings of “Eight Nifties”. Both seemed to cover pretty well, so next up for the Hurricane are wheels and decals. Next for the P-47 is landing gear, doors, and external details.

The Gloss White – in this case Modelmaster – went to provide surface coats for a Lancaster and the upper fuselage of a DC-3, the future “Arctic Rose”. Next for both is a long masking session.

Both the Hurricane and P-47 have already moved on to their next stages, so the photo below covers the DC-3 and Lanc.

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