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Saturday, April 22, 2017

2017 IPMS-Seattle Spring Show (pt 1)

Another IPMS-Seattle Spring Show is in the books, and it was pretty consistent with the past decade’s shows. Large turnout, interesting vendors, outstanding model work, and, for me, a crippled back.

For one with a fragile back, two hours of bending down to take pictures at table level can really do some damage. At 60, this is just something that you have to take into account. But I shudder to think what it will feel like tomorrow morning!

I don’t have the official numbers yet, but I’m fairly sure there were at least the usual 700+ models on the tables. I took 170 shots of just the 1:72 items. Paint and construction quality was, as you might expect, very high. One the things I most like about the Seattle show is that there always seem to be some adventurous choices when it comes to kit selection. Many of the other shows I check out online, even if they have much in the way of 1:72 on display, always seem to be the standard Bf-109s, Spitfires, Fw-190s, and other common WW2 fighters. At Seattle this year, there seemed to be lots of civil aircraft, helicopters, and Beaufighters (both Hasegawa and the newer Airfix). Not too much in the way of 1:72 armor.

Here are the first few photos from this year’s show. I’ll be interspersing these with completion summaries on 3 new models over the next week or so. 

First off, a couple of shots of the overall show floor itself. The vendors are arranged all round the outside wall. The space is basically two basketball courts in size. 

A Wein Air C-46

AModel Jetstream as used by The Economist magazine

One of the five Beaufighters 

The Fine Molds Savoia S-21

An interwar flying boat

For those who want to take a look at the entire folder for this year's 1:72 entries, feel free to access the Photobucket file: 2017 Seattle Show 172nd entries

More over the next few days, but next up: the first aircraft completion of 2017. 

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