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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Minor painting problems (Eurofighter whif, Tsar Bomba trailer

Despite the absence of inclement weather, I was able to get into the garage for a short painting session.

Really just two colors this time around. First was a surface coat on the Tsar Bomba trailer from AModel. The first layer was a bit thin and watery, so this helped to fill in the density of the Deep Olive Green. But of course we couldn’t make it through a session without at least one disaster: I managed to drop the trailer while moving it to the place where it would be drying. Two axles and the framework that engages with the tractor both went flying. Once everything cures I will be getting the bits reattached.

Finally, I put the first coat on the whif Red Arrows Eurofighter. I’m using some of the last of my Xtracolour Red Arrows Red. A strange development: although I used this paint just a few months ago to do a RA Hawk, it seems to have gone a bit thick and – no other word to describe it – chunky in the meantime. Lots of stirring and thinning couldn’t head off difficulties in passing through the airbrush. A bit of spattering. Although the color coat managed to get laid down on the entire airframe, I am pretty sure this will require buffing and a surface coat. There is also some evidence that overspray from the Insignia Blue rudder is showing through the red paint. So I won’t be progressing on this project until those issues are dealt with. I’ll give the paint a couple of days to cure.

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