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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Painting work (cockpits) and construction (Hurricane)

Not all painting requires an airbrush. Sometimes you just want to get a color coat onto an assembled cockpit, and a spray can will do. Such was the situation when I discovered that I had a Chipmunk, the next Eurofighter, and a Short Skyvan (along with a couple of sets of props) that required a dark grey. Out came the Testors Panzer Gray can, and the work was done in just a few minutes. Once the paint cures, and a couple of bubbles on the surface of the props are buffed down, these kits can progress.

I hit sort of a speed bump with the Red Arrows Eurofighter whif. It turns out it did require quite a bit of White touchup paint once I got the masking all stripped off. It will end up being a definite standoff model (if you don’t stand off a ways from it you run the risk of being attacked by an enraged modeler with any weapon that easily comes to hand). Worse yet, one of the decal sheets that I had been saving for this one – which has ROYAL AIR FORCE in the right size lettering – has mysteriously vanished. Not sure if the carpet monster is expanding his diet to include decals or what. So this one is sidelined until I can either find the missing sheet or buy a replacement.

Another bit of work was to mask up the canopy for a Hurricane 2c that will eventually wear Egyptian AF markings. This time I am using the Revell kit.

I also buffed up the Intermediate Blue portions of the Yak-130 prototype. It is now ready for a surface coat at the next available airbrush session. 

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