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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Too hot to think

Welcome to the 72 Land weather report. I know that I occasionally mention the inclement weather that seems to dog my airbrushing activities. We've seen hail storms, deluges, ice storms, even rumors of a funnel cloud once. But today was something that not even my steely airbrushing resolve can handle - a heat wave. 

It hit 99 in Auburn WA today. First, a bit of context. The highest temp ever recorded at SeaTac Airport (a few miles to the northwest of my location) is 101. In other words, it was only two degrees cooler than the highest temperature in all of recorded time. We usually save these days for late July and August; June is early but not unheard of. 

And before all of you who live in southern climates break into laughter, might I ask what you do when the temp hits 100? Do you go out on your asphalt driveway and lay in the full sunlight? No, you head for the room in your house with no windows, turn the air conditioning up to max, and (presuming you have some musical taste) put Blue Oyster Cult on the stereo and throw back some pina coladas. But in Western Washington, very few residences have central air. So we just sweat. Our house thermostat hit  92, and that is in a dark house somewhat in the shade.

There was no way I was going to airbrush, and I couldn't even summon the enthusiasm to do any work bench time. It's just too bloody hot. Thankfully this seems to be a passing bit of hideousness at this point; the 14 day shows mostly mid to upper 70s. When that happens, your regular modelling report service will resume. I have a couple of vehicles to show as finished, and the last of my retail therapy boxes from Hannants has arrived, so there are new toys to show. 

Until then, pass me somethin' cold, willya? 


  1. funny, we has 94 last week, a record for June too. Hot Rails to Hell for this railway worker!

  2. And here I was thinking "Burning For You"....